Friday, 13 January 2012

Master Rat And The Furious Cat

Master Rat was a tidy chap,
Who never did anything wrong,
Until his neighbour got a cat,
Who seemed to be ten foot long?

With big sharp claws and scruffy hair,
That seemed to be knotted on back,
Which gave him one, hell of a scare?
When pouncing on first attack.

But Master Rat he was too quick,
For this big bundle of fur,
He knew what to do with a magic trick,
And he knew what would occur.

When running over a garden rack,
That was lying on the grass,
Which popped up with a great big smack?
And hit him oh so class.

Right between the eyes it did,
To show who now was daft,
As Master Rat now run and hid,
And let out one big laugh.

"Ha, ha, ha, suites you right,
You stupid big ugly fool,
That’s what you get when you fight,
With someone who is cool".<= /span>

"What did you say you little brat,
Because I’ll have you one day,
And when I do I’ll laugh at that,
Oh yes I will, I say".

"I don't think so as you’re not smart,<= /p>
You stupid little cat,
And when you do now make your mark,
I'll beat you with a bat".

Then with that the cat got up,
And ran as fast as can be,
Across the garden past a hut,
And got hit by a lump of tree.

"Now take that you stupid fool,
For I have somewhere to go,
That’s more exciting and more cool,=
I hope you really know".

So with that Rat disappeared,
Without a single trace,
Which I know sounds really weird,
Back to his own home place.

By Dr Geebers