Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ronnie Crockett And His Precious Locket

Ronnie Crocket, had a locket,
Which he kept in his right pocket.
That was gold, so he was told,
Which he would let no one hold.

Why oh why, because it was a lie,
Now if it got stolen, no one would buy.
As it was fake, so what the heck,
It belonged to his father, for heavens sake.

Even though, poor Ronnie was slow,
On understanding others you know.
As people did say, he was a bit gay,
Well no he wasn't, he was ok.

Even though, he liked to go,
And do something’s like children you know.
Like play on the swings, totally bling,
As well as doing some childish things.

For one and all, he liked football,
Which was his passion I do recall?
Going to the park, to make his mark,
By scoring goals right from his heart.

Until one day, as Ronnie did play,
He dropped his locket, I say, I say.
Which made him mad and really sad?
Because it belonged to his dad.

Then he broke down upon the ground,
Crying and kicking all around.
Not saying why, he wanted to die,
As he prayed to God, way up high.

Oh please God, I’m a silly sod".
Said Ronnie Crocket as he began to sob.
Oh please help me, please you see,
For I’ve lost my locket my father gave me".

And God answered back, "oh what’s the crack,
It's to your left, make no mistake".
So Ronnie got up out of his rut,
Now there it was with sheer luck.

Oh thank you God, I’m a silly sod,
Oh thank you now that was a good job.
So Ronnie Crocket found his locket,
And put it back into his pocket.

Now everyday, before bed I say
Poor Ronnie Crocket would always pray.
Oh dear God, I cry, I sob,
I'll never again be a silly sod.

By Dr Geebers