Wednesday, 15 May 2013

R.I.P. Lea Williams

What goes round
Always comes round
In a way
Of leaps and bounds
Even outside upon the ground
Only ten fold
It shall be found

As you get attacked
So what the heck
In a life
That's a simply wreak
Which is true make no mistake
Only ten fold
Then comes the wake

For your dead
Totally brown bread
It's not good
Through the life you've lead
Which is true so it's said
Only ten fold
And now your dead

Unless you survive
And stay alive
In a world
Where you strive
To be the best with pure drive
Only ten fold
To really thrive

Yet you know
The ultimate blow
Is when your mistaken
So here we go
As people try to stab you so
Only ten fold
In your sleeping bag though

Or simply punch
With a crunch
And kicking you
While being staunch
Even though they've had their lunch
Only ten fold
Through some hunch

That you are them
So they do it again
And if your zipped up
No good my friend
Because you've no way to defend
Only ten fold
To the bitter end

Or your shot at
Oh what a rat
Even though
You did what
Killing you or maybe not
Only ten fold
In the life you got

So it is true
What would you do
Per tact   yourself
Now wouldn't you
Because that's what you got to do
Only ten fold
On the street it is true

Yet my friend
It is the end
Never to see you
Ever again
Yet these words I write and send
Only ten fold
Will remember you my friend

R.I.P Lea Williams

This man was a homeless person I knew and was a wonderfully generous person who was trying to sort his life out.
The the most horrendous thing happened which would scare any person homeless or not and happens to many homeless everyday. 

Love you man

To read some of the news reports please click on the links below.

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