Saturday, 14 September 2013

Peace on earth

Peace on earth
Is what we want
Putting things
Nice and blunt
In a way
From the front
As many people
Go on a national hunt
Killing everyone
That's in sight
Lightening up
The beauty of the night
Scaring everyone
Which is right
Spreading heartache
As they fight
On the battlefields
And in our house
Relationship break ups
Partner and spouse
With crazy things happening
With the touch of the mouse
Oh dear no
Someone's drunk the grouse
Then there's the dealers
Wanting more
Fighting their battle
Total hard core
So they beat poverty
While others score
Which is real life
That many adore
Until they get arrested
And o to jail
And don't get a chance
To even get bail
Oh what a waste
To no avail
But was it really
Or did they simply fail
Or did a grass
Grass them in
For trying to better
Their life's with sin
Hoping for a future
To simply begin
With words flying free
From the rapper within
Showing their anger
In the cells alright
Hoping their words
See the light
Getting out to the masses
Each day and night
To be released
Straight on to the mic
Which changes their life
Simply for free
In a way
That's meant to be
Because good can come out
Of bad you see
And make people stars
For eternity

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