Saturday, 14 September 2013

Have a nice evening

Have a nice evening
Is what I like to say
To all those lovely people
Who walk pas me everyday
With their hands in their pockets
Dressed up for the night
So have a wicked time
As I sit and write
This little rhyme
For all of you to hear
Even though I'm totally skint
And haven't got a beer
Out here on the street
With no money for a place
Oh dear oh what a life
And I want to be of my face
So I don't feel so lonely
Out here on the street
So buy me a lottery ticket
That will wipe me of my feet
And if I flipping win
Then I can do the same
Only through art and poetry
That'll put everyone o shame
So have a lovely evening
And enjoy your night
And thank you to all those people
Who gave me money as I write
So I can simply survive
Out here on the street
While helping out others
Who want something to simply eat

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