Thursday, 31 January 2013

Living The Life Of A Poet

Living the life of a poet
And a sculptor too
Out on the open road
Can be very hard to do
Even though you have words
And your materials are free
It is really hard to survive
Especially down by the sea
With really heavy winds
The snow and the rain
Then there's those people
Who try to drive you in sane
By setting you on fire
Or beat you up as well
For they want what you got
In words that they can sell
Yet you got to survive
No matter the obstacles ahead
Even though you know
Your better of dead
Some will hit you with hammers
Or stab you in the heart
This is real street life
That happens after dark
Yet if you have no money
What are you going to do
Would you break the law
To survive would you
While trying to live the dream
So you can get of the street
To carry on your art
Which comes out so unique
Or would you lay down
And drink yourself to death
Or even take drugs
To your very last breath
Or would you simply squat
And hope for the best
Even though you got no money
Well this is life's real test

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