Thursday, 31 January 2013

When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyes
I feel the sadness and realise
You need someone simply like me
Who lives life totally for free
Yet when you get to know me too
You'll see my sadness that shines through
With no money on my side
I write and create with all my pride
To be someone that is lost
In a world more bitter than frost
As I stand and fight alone
Simply to protact my mobile phone
And all the dignitty that I hold
Even when I'm out in the cold
Hoping for something I cannot find
Or maybe it's because I am blind
As I throw it all away
With an addictive personality that's here to stay
Well this is me an artist you see
Who wants a life and someone who loves me
So when I'm lost as a civilian
In a world of total oblivian
I have someone who I can trust
Which is more important than having lust
Yet you are precious in everyway
And I long to see you everyday
Even though it's all my felt
I can't help the life I'm dealt
So please remember I love you so
Even though its cold you know
And always remember our very first kiss
For that is something I surely do miss

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