Sunday, 1 January 2012

Howling winds

Howling winds
Sleet and snow
What a disaster
This I know

Living in a tent
Right upon the shore
I’m I really crazy
Freezing to the core

Wondering why I do this
Stupid journey you see
I must be really daft
Don’y you all agree

Yet this is the life of an artist
That lives life to a degree
In the university of life
For everyone to see

Creating magic for fun
Which is unbelieveable too
Yet is this really worth it
Is it something you should do

Living out in freedom
Speaking to everyone you meet
Having lots of followers
And sometimes nothing to eat

Up against the weathers
Up against the law
Creating awesome magic
So natural and so raw

With the difficulty of madness
And the patience of a saint
Stacking pebbles into sculptures
Like an artist using paint

Creating many wonders
This was simply me
And I would do it again
For everyone to see

But because I was homeless
I wasn’t an artist in many eyes
And couldn’t get sponcership
Oh what a big surprise

Yet I have walked the coast
The only artist ever
Creating magic sculptures
Which looked really clever

With 6800 miles on foot
And 40+ beaches done
Over 2000 tonnes moved
Even though it was lots of fun

On a homeless awearness journey
That no ones ever done
Oh what a crazy journey
THANK YOU everyone

By Dr Geebers