Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Taking a strole

Taking a stroll
Down by the sea
Hand in hand
You and me

Looking at the birds
Flying free
Past the pier
Don't you agree

Sitting on a groyne
With can in hand
Looking at the sea
So nice and calm

Wondering why
I'm in this place
In the middle of the day
Looking to outer space

Thinking of obstacles
That will get in the way
Of you and me
This special day

For your my friend
So close to my heart
That enjoys life
Mysterious and dark

Yet I'm the one
Who's simply lost
In life it's self
At no extra cost

Even though
I simply know
I'm a talented person
In perfect flow

Yet when I'm down
I'm a clown
Who wants to simply
Drown drown drown

As pressures arise
Through what i do
Well this is reality
So simple but true

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