Thursday, 17 October 2013

In the moment of madness

In the moment of maddness
The truth comes out
And when it does
Why cry and shout

For no one shall listen
No matter what
And that is something
Streetlife has taught

Never trust no one
No never at all
So stand and be proud
No matter if you fall

Then rise again
And never give up
For its the only answer
In the world of luck

Which could be bad
Or it could be good
So always remember this
In you neighbourhood

For the butterfly
Is like a rose
It's surely pretty
As it grows

But went it withers
And simply dies
The butterfly
Tells no lies

It simply goes
To that special place
To come back
In everyones face

Laughing, smiling
And having fun
For that's real life
For everyone

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