Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lifes just a jungle

Life's just a jungle
As we live day by day
Looking to the future
Which is mysterious and Gray

Hoping for that moment
To simply shine through
Yet there is always someone
Who wants to mess with you

So what would you do
When this moment occurs
Sending you into rage
As everything becomes blur

Would you stand and fight
Even if you lose your house
Along with your children
Partner or spouse

And even go to prison
For going over the edge
For never to return
Because of furious rage

Or would you walk away
And let things be
To become a complete coward
For the world to see

Sometimes its not worth it
And people can change
Until that day comes
When you seek revenge

Because its been niggling at you
One day at a time
Killing your street cred
Just like this rhyme

Then you explode
Simply out of the blue
At the very right time
Away from cameras too

In a back street or alley
Simply one on one
Out of the sight of people
Without the power of the gun

And if you win
Then you got a result
And if you lose
It's not your fault

But at least you did it
Old school rules
With fists and feet
And no dammed tools

And at the end
You respect each other
As if you where family
A proper street brother

But gangs these days
Don't have any rules
For whatever they use
Wither guns or tools

Make them feel strong
And others feel scared
Which makes life on the street
Tough it is said

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