Saturday, 12 October 2013

Stand be proud

Stand be proud of who you are
That may take you really far
Even if you have no car
Don't you worry words have power

Even if people rip you off
Keep on going you got the love
As you fly with the white winged dove
As you respect whats FREE LOVE

In a world of love and hate
You will help your fellow mate
In a way they will relate
No matter if your in a state

For you know what you have done
Oh yes my friends simply for fun
Because you know your no bum
And don't need the power of the gun

Yet paedophiles you do beat
As your anger shows your heat
And gives you power upon the street
For what you've done this I repeat

So stand be counted oh by far
And show the people who you are
Even though you've been behind bars
Your just really a shinning star

Who's done justice in your own way
And changed your life day by day
To rise up and make that play
With these words I love to say

For the world to understand
In a life that's not planned
Without money which is grand
To hurt paedophiles and be that man

Yet you can change and be free
But always remember the way to be
And that is help those just like me
For life is hard with no degree

Yet some will carry on to the top
Like Charles Bronson who didn't stop
And many people he did drop
Behind those bars chop, chop

So go on and live the dream
If you know what I mean
Stand be counted and be seen
For you know now that your clean

To do what you want to do
With the power of the words inside you
That will shock the world too
For many family's will love you

For they wouldn't like what they do
To happen to their kids too
So don't be scared of what you do
For your only human like me too

So stand be counted my fellow man
And be excepted on this land
Now live the dream I demand
So the world can understand

For your not bad you are good
For doing your thing in their neighbourhood
That probably no one else would
So their kids could grow up good

Hip Hip Hooray
Is what we all say
To these people every day
Even though you get no pay
At least our kids can simply play

So don't you think you ever did wrong
For you know where you belong
That is why I wrote this song
To give you courage to be strong

For your their heros oh yeah man
Who helped them out you understand
And you did your time in the can
Now join in and sing this jam

Hip hip hooray
Is what we all say
To these people every day
Even though they get no pay
All our kids can simply play

In a world of love and hate
This is something most can relate
And praise you all my fellow mates
For what you do is really great

So Hip Hip Hooray
Is what we all say
To these people every day
Who are real heros in many a way
Who deserve more at the end of the day

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