Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Powerful Words

Sitting looking out my window,
Watching the world pass me by,
Seeing the things we take for granted,
While wondering when I’m going to die.

Looking at all the confusion,
With all the hatred in the air,
Seeing the magic of self pity,
Come round the corner of disappear.

Showing its self in all its glory,
Through devastation at its best,
While seeing danger as its lurking,
In the branches of life's test.

With many a magical and beautiful word,
Standing clear in ones mind,
To jump out to be the saviour,
Of ones self you will find.

Giving their courage on sheets of paper,
In moments that’s grey and oh divine,
With their magic living forever,
In words so simple through songs and rhyme.

By Dr Geebers