Monday, 9 January 2012

The devastation of silence hurts

The devastation of silence hurts
In many a different way
Through those, people who like to flirt
To show that love won’t stay

This is why hell comes with force
With vicious flames of flurry
To show us all its greedy course
Like peppers in a curry

Giving us that mixed up feeling
That burdens all our hearts
Which burns and burns with no healing
Like an ass with explosive farts

Killing of what lays within
Deep within our souls
That makes us sick of all our sins
As we fill, our toilet bowls

Splutter, splutter, splitter, splatter
Comes, ripples in a flash
Oh dear no, what’s the matter
It’s happened in a dash

To show us all no matter what
Love won’t ever stay
Even when times get hot
To ruin our lives each day

By Dr Geebers