Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Words Are Words

Words are words we often speak,
To one another on the street.
Some small, some big, some really smart,
Some clever, some weird, mysterious and dark.

Some rude, some slang and never heard off,
Some passionate, some sexy and some full of love.
Some crazy, some intelligent, that catches the eye,
Some magic, some good at telling a lie.

Because words are words we often use,
In different languages which get us confused.
Made of vowels and constantans galore,
And used in scrabble to get a high score.

So as you can see words mean a lot,
So we can communicate or maybe not.
With abbreviations and plurals as well,
Words put together create a story to tell.

Some violent, some fiction, some horror to,
But with the wrong words trouble can brew.
Creating havoc now boys and girls,
Which can start war all over the world.

When peace is the word we all want to hear,
Forever and ever until it becomes clear.
For peace is the answer the word that's unique,
That may stop the violence that we all seek.

By Dr Geebers