Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Walking in the moonlight,

Walking in the moonlight,
Under the stars,
Tip toeing along,
For hours and hours.

Over a bridge,
And down some steps,
Feeling the waves,
Getting me wet.

Going ever closer,
To the waters edge,
While seeing its anger,
And furious rage.

Jump out at me,
And drag me in,
I'm drowning, I'm drowning,
Way deep within.

Seeing its beauty,
And power so free,
Swallow up its victims,
Including poor me.

Making me choke,
As I splash in fear,
Shouting and gasping,
For help that’s near.

Oh no, oh no,
I'm dieing, I'm dead,
I'm seeing myself,
Swimming like lead.

Down to the bottom,
Of this watery pit,
Oh no, oh no,
That’s life isn't it?

And then I awake,
All covered in beer,
And wonder whats happened,
While panicking you hear.

To think oh no,
With skin all red,
Have I been stabbed?
Well no it’s said.

Because its wine,
I was drinking you see,
That made me get drunk,
And drown in the sea.

By Dr Geebers