Sunday, 1 January 2012

Out on the road doing my thing,

Out on the road doing my thing,
Makes u feel lonely in many a way,
Living a life on a shoestring,
Is not very good i say i say.

Fighting the gremlins the wind the rain,
As I create from town to town,
I really must be totally insane,
As I try to lay my head down.

With emotions running at a different pace,
What do I do? where do I go?
With tears streaming down my face,
In a place I dont know.

Wheres my angel I do ask,
The one who’s captured my lonely heart,
As I suffer in this task,
Oh dear no why did we part.

Now all I can do is be strong,
Or I will die a lonely man,
Out on the road right or wrong,
Which is not my ultimate plan.

Oh cheer up u misserable fool,
You wont die and u know why,
Cause ur the man with the ultimate tool,
Who will come back for someone thats why.

By Dr Geebers