Sunday, 1 January 2012

The children say im living the dream,

The children say im living the dream,
To be honest I dont know what they mean.
As I sit here under a darkened sky,
I ask myself, why oh why.

Im I crazy and lost my mind,
Or am I really one of a kind.
Well to be honest I dont care,
Because I dont belong anywhere.

Except some place where I create art,
That grabs that attention of someones heart.
Which means more to me than wealth or money,
Now does that make me an absolute dummy.

Well if it does then i dont mind,
Because I am me and im alive youll find.
With a heart of solid gold,
To share, to love and always hold.

In a way for that specal one,
Who loves life and loves fun.

By Dr Geebers