Sunday, 1 January 2012

Loves a beautiful thing

Loves a beautiful thing
That’s what I sing
Which Is really cool
Even though you got no bling
Which can happen so quick
For any man or chick
Then can turn evil
Like breaking a little stick
Yet that love Is still there
Thats if you care
No matter where you are
That love you’ll aways share
Until that dieing day
Or if you do stray
With that sparkle in your eyes
Each time you meet and say
I love you oh I do
And you say it too
In perfect harmony
In the sweetness of the dew
As your lips touch mine
In perfect sunshine
With trembling bodies
So passionate at that time
Because love is pure beauty
With your true cutie
With bluebells all around
And your both feeliing fruity
For love is a beautiful thing
That’s what I sing
In perfect harmony
Without having bling

By Dr Geebers