Sunday, 1 January 2012

Oh dear Melanie

Oh dear Melanie
What have you done
You’ve taken my heart
And given me fun
For you are presious
You’ll never believe
The things that make me
Want to achieve
For you are awesome
In everyway
Oh yes my darling
I got to say
You make me smile
When your next to me
You make me happy
Can’t you see
You give me energy
To conquer the world
To help others
Even boys and girls
You give me strength
To carry on
Because i know now
Where i belong
And thats with you
Close by my side
Giving me magic
Holding my pride
For your the one
I cheerish so much
And your the one
I long to touch
Oh dear Melanie
What have you done to me
You’ve taken my heart
Down by the sea

By Dr Geebers