Monday, 2 January 2012

Mind Blowing Bubbles

Mind blowing bubbles
In a drinkers state
When the drinkers drunk
With his own fate

Swaying spraying
And staggering too
The drinker needs a drink
Before he really spews

Apples Oranges
Patatoes as well
Along with another drink
In this living hell

Oh dear no
Is he really dead
Phone a fast ambulance
He's split his crazy head

Oh dear no
It's one of those nights
No matter what you do
Nothing seems right

Yet you awaken
With a real bad head
All snuggled up nice
In a cell with a bed

Which is better than a box
Out on the street
Oh what a sad life
This I repeat

Yet some make it through
While others pass away
So don't ever become homeless
This I do say

It's not a nice thing
No not at all
And it's no laughing matter
This I do recall