Monday, 9 January 2012

Jumping on a train,

Jumping on a train,
Without a single clue,
At Kings Cross Station,
Is what I meant to do?

Without even checking,
I went the wrong way,
And I ended up lost,
Far, far away.

Which made me real angry,
And I seemed to loose the plot,
While saying some bad words,
And cursing on the spot.

Not knowing the reason why,
I even jumped in her,
Until we ended up,
Somewhere past Pinner.

In the middle of nowhere,
With not much else to say,
Except for curse badly,
At what happened that day.

Then getting on another,
Like a stupid fool,
I sat and wrote this rhyme,
While trying to stay cool.

Thinking it's all right,
It's only ,
Now Hammersmith I’m coming,
I'm only four hours late.

So here the story ends,
With not much else to say,
Except if I hadn't done it,
Then where would I be today.

By Dr Geebers