Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A homeless person black or white,

A homeless person black or white,
Have these problems day and night.
From the police, oh for sure,
Asking you questions, so simple and pure.

"What is your name, where you from,
Have you got I.D, come on now son".
Then they check you out and walk away,
Unless your wanted then you’re nicked I say.

Now that’s one hurdle you've overcome,
Which is nothing, but sure isn't fun.
Now where will I sleep, is what I ask,
To myself as I walk fast.

Round and round in the dark,
Looking for a place with safety at heart.
Then find a spot that looks secure,
But along come security, oh for sure.

"You can't sleep here, so can you move",
But all you want is a quick snooze.
"Alright, alright, I’ll move I say,
Which is a nightmare at the end of the day?

Picking everything up and then moving on,
To try and find a place to sleep before dawn.
But this is life, now on the street,
No money, no food and very little sleep.

By Dr Geebers