Monday, 9 January 2012


Listen, listen please hear what I say,
This wonderful, beautiful, tremendous day,
Oh yes please, I pray, I pray,
Please listen to me and here what I say.

Because life is to short, when you’re all alone
Until you hear that beautiful tone
Ringing and singing on your phone
As it drives that feeling deep into your bone

Knotting your stomach and tingling your heart
Especially when you’re living apart
What can you do this I remark?
Except for dream, of a brand-new start

And when you do, you know it so well
No matter what, in this living hell
That day will come, when you can tell
The things you want, oh so swell

With a surprise, from one and all
So everybody can recall
The day you did it, when you stood tall
And asked that woman you did call

Will you, will you, oh yes please
As you got down upon your knees
Or was it somewhere near some trees
Will you marry me darling please?

And when she said, I guess, I guess
You really want me to wear that dress
For you my darling nevertheless
The answer is definitely yes

And here you are all dressed in white
So stunningly beautiful in this light
Before the Lord to say what’s right
To say I do to a precious knight

So have a wonderful magic time
And please remember this little rhyme
Written for you in words that shine
That will last forever or very long time

By Dr Geebers