Sunday, 1 January 2012

The first time I met you

The first time I met you
I didn’t know what to do
My hair stood up on its end
In this magic moment too

With a sparkling sensation
Running through my veins
Like a locomotion
Or should I say a train

On a one way track
To your heart
Which seemed to happen
From the start

Giving me something to enjoy
That no one else would
And that’s real love darling dear
In your neighbourhood

From the street that I hate
To your comfy bed
Oh what a lucky guy I am
And it’s went straight to my head

Swiping of my feet I say
In a unexspected win
And now I know my darling dear
True love is no real sin

For you have given me a real chance
To show my talent for free
In these poems that I write
Down by the sea

Along with the sculptures I create
Oh for one and all
Oh what a crazy life I live
This I can recall

So thank you hun for your support
In what I solemnly do
As I say to everyone
I love all of you

By Dr Geebers