Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Whats Up

Whats up
Whats sound
Bombs going off
People found
Heads missing
Tears in eyes
Troubles come
There's no lies
Picking up rubble
That's not cool
Missing arms
Who's the fool
Flash backs happening
Grab control
Oh dear no
Its a fish bowl
Drinking heavily
Washing it away
Its not happening
Pictures stay
Mates gone
Family's pain
No understanding
That's life's game
Trying to cope
No way back
Lost control
On a one way track
No not good
Wash it away
Drink even more
Live for today
Hurt someone
Not yourself
Need another drink
From top shelf
Alcohol poisoning
Oh so what
Life is real
And can't be taught
Given a chance
You'll break free
Yet those pictures
Still hunt me
Giving many problems
You don't understand
For a civilian
Upon this land

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