Monday, 18 March 2013

Living In A Doorway

Living in a doorway
Doing what I do
Hoping for something
Totally really new
That will give us a chance
In life so true
That people will remember
When we're dead too
Yet the drinks taking over
And the drugs as well
Oh dear no
It's a living hell
As people walk past me
Not giving a dam
As I sit and write
With pen in my hand
As others sit and beg
With dogs by their side
Smiling at everyone
With all their pride
Getting loads of money
With benefits too
Yet I got no I.D.
And I'm out here too
Doing my thing
To hopefully survive
Yet I am nobody
Except a bum that's alive
Now if I make it
Then I no what I'd do
I'd rather give money
To help talents shine trough
So people can rise
And show their talents to the world
Like all the buskers
So come on boys and girls
See through the Armour
And use your wit
And help out the buskers
Simply make it
And who knows
Where they may go
Around the world
From the gutters they know
To be someone
And not a bum
Says a busking artist
Who enjoys fun 

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