Friday, 15 March 2013

Firing Up Body And Soul

Firing up body and soul
With pur excitement for all to see
As monumental journeys end
In a way thats meant to be
Yet hard times bring out the deamons
Caressing our minds and spirits alike
Showing us no matter the weather
We got to stand we got to fight
To beat those tempertures below freezing
As people walk past day and night
It's not good with heavy breathing
With aches and pains we hate alright
Along with all those stabbing headaches
That come from those who simply laugh
Even though they have a home
Or should I say a comfortable gaff
Then there's those who look for trouble
With a glass bottle in their hand
Hoping that we'll be their punch bag
Until we get up and simply stand
For sleeping bag we cannot zip
Because death can come simply for free
When lighter fuel is poured upon us
And we're lit up like a christmas tree
Then theres those who spit in our face
And call us all the scum of the earth
No much wonder we need something
Or someone to show us how much were worth
As some of us stand and beat the pedos
So children can play with smiling face
And we are proud to go to prison
To protect our youngsters of the human race
Yet it's not easy being an artist
If your scared for sleeping out
With no I.D. to get benefits
That is life without a doubt
So we are better of in prison
Yet we can't protect our youngsters there
Now tell me that street life's easy
Says a poet/artist who really does care