Monday, 18 March 2013

We Have To Say What We Have To Say

We have to say what we have to say
As we live life from day to day
Getting moved on in a crazy way
By security oh oh yeah

In freezing temperatures out on the street
Writing these words I'd simply repeat
Not knowing why so turn up the heat
Yet this is life so don't admit defeat

Just carry on the way you are
Doing what you do to take you far
Who really cares about legal power
Because you know your a rising star

Flying high way above the sky
Doing all the things before you die
Knowing it and it's no lie
Going to prison is legal why?

With illegal crimes committed for free
So we don't have to beg you see
In a way to beat poverty
Oh yes baby it's the way to be

Unless your an artist on the road
Having to live no fixed abode
While carrying a big heavy load
As your brain wants to explode

Yet with no money what do you do
For many an artist breaks the rules too
And with no I.D. simply on you
You can't get benefits which is true

So I write my crazy little rhymes
While thinking about better times
In the future without these crimes
That come out quickly in many lines

Giving you all pleasure simply for free
As a poet or artist to be
In a way that comes naturally
Well this is life on the edge you see

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