Monday, 18 March 2013

The Unbelievable Madness

The unbelievable madness
Running through my brain
Is like an electric fence
Shocking me insane
As the coldness of the night
Nips on my toes
Yet I seem to write
In a rhythm that flows
While sitting in my sleeping bag
Thinking about good times
With people walking past me
While I write my rhymes
Laughing out loud
As they go to a club
Or their going to dinner
After leaving a pub
Telling me I'm not homeless
Because I look to clean
So I have to laugh out loud
For this is obscene
Yet I don't make money
For writing on the street
But I don't really care
If I die through lack of heat
For my blog's tell a story
That my rhymes are good
Yet sometimes I'm lucky
When people buy me food
So what this is life
For many a down and out
Even though I'll make it
In life without a doubt
And when I simply do
Through the words that I write
Then I can leave street life behind
And go out and enjoy the night
But this will never happen
As I love to write for free
To become an absolute legend
Who will live for eternity 

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