Friday, 22 March 2013

Could You Do

Could you do
What we do
Everyday and night
Even though
I like a drink
As I simply write

From the heart
From the soul
In a passionette way
To say things
From the street
While living day by day

For these words
Come so true
To everyone for free
Even though
I sleep outside
In a way that's hard you see

With no roof
Of my own
What would you do
If you could not
Simply afford
To pay for one too

Would you write
Crazy rhymes
As people walk past
And if they want
To hear one
Then you simply say it fast

Shocking people
To the core
As they smile at you
With freezing hands
As you write
Those words from deep in you

And if they give you
A little change
Eor saying it for free
Then you know
Your on your way
To be a poet to be

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