Friday, 15 March 2013

Love is something so beautiful

Love is something so beautiful
And we know what it can do
As many people break our hearts
With love that wasn't true
Yet we get up to carry on
And find it again someway
As the pain it keeps biting
Nibbling at us each day
For some it lasts forever
Because their love is true
For others it's no good
So what you gonna do
You gonna turn it into art
Or even a poem as well
With a passion you once knew
As your tears begin to swell
Filling you all with sorrow
While your heart skips a beat
As you write from your heart
Not admitting defeat
Because your love is so true
You want to be together
Yet one doesn't want this
Or you would still be together
Or maybe they are too proud
And want more out of life
Which costs them real true love
Now that's one sacrifice
Or maybe they are simply scared
To go down them same routes
So they those themselves in creative life
As they write poetry books
Hoping for a chance
To simply break free
Through unbelievable art
And poetry by the sea