Monday, 8 October 2012

Would you like to be homeless

Would you like to be homeless
Would you like to be on the street
Would you like to have smelly clothes
And really smelly feet

Would you like to have no income
Would you like to have no job
Would you like to live rough
Or be called a snob

Would you like to beg and steal
Would you like to understand
Would you like to help
Or would you like to be dammed

Yet when someone wants to help
Even though their homeless too
Some charities don’t care
So what would you do

To turn this around
Through art at its best
To do something good
In life’s real test

Well this is the truth
With a story to tell
Through one mans journey
In this living hell

Under a daft name
For everyone to see
Who is called Dr Geebers
Now that is me

So thank you everyone
From deep in my heart
You’ve all done me proud
So I could create my art

Around the U.K. coast
To help people like me
Who ends up homeless
Yet shared his love for free

So have a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Now I can help others
Through my new career

With a book for everyone 
In respectful glory
To help many charities
With a real life story

Respect to you all 
And have a good time
This Poem is for all of you
Nicely written in rhyme

Even though I’m not homeless 
Not now anyway
I found someone special
Who’s brightened my day

Due to creating art 
For everyone to see
What a wonderful ending
To happen to me

Maybe sometime in the future 
I can do this once more
With real sponcership
Right round our shore

To give 3 others a chance 
To live the dream
Of walking the coast
If you know what I mean

Since there is loads of artists 
Who need a hand
To get that one chance
To become grand

Yet its hard when you have nothing 
To create art so pure
But Dr Geebers is not quitting
And wants this for sure

So thank you everyone 
From deep in my heart
For giving me a chance
To show my pebble art

And I’ll say it again 
Without any fear
Have a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year

Then seven and a half months later
Its been a tough time
And I messed up again
In glorious sunshine

But now the time has come
In Brighton once more
To make this book happen
Which is total hardcore

As I sleep on the streets
Through rain, hail and snow
Oh what a hard life
For anyone I know

Yet Christmas is coming
Oh what a bore
Yet lets all be Merry
As I say this one more

Have a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
And think of those less fortunate
As your drinking your beer