Friday, 26 October 2012

Living On The Streets

Living on the streets
Being an artist is cool
Yet many shop owners
Think your a fool
As you sleep in their doorway
Which is not right
Yet this is real life
For many at night
With no where to go too
In Brighton its true
Even the council
Really hate us too
With no local connection
What can we say
We don't have a voice
At the end of the day
With the night shelter closed
Its really got bad
As people keeep dieing
Which is real sad
So the poets have to tell it
In their words for free
|For no one will listen
Not even to me
For I'm an outsider
Who creates art on the beach
Which no University
Can simply teach
And I want to help
But it is no good
For I'm treated like dirt
Because I'm a homeless dude
Who walked the coast
To do what I do
To write a book
To help charities too
In the homeless sector
What can I say
They don't care about us
At the end of the day
So no much wonder
We all suffer in pain
And have to live life
All against the grain
For we are out numbered
In evey thing we do
And we are better of addicts
In this life too
So never become homeless
Oh what a joke
For many a woman
And many a bloke
Because no one can help this
As we go through hell
This I do know
With a story to tell

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