Thursday, 25 October 2012

When your feeling that a rhythm

When your feeling that a rhythm
Deep inside
When your doing all the things
With all your pride
When your feeling the music
You cannot hide
You got to keep it going
Totally world wide
No matter the consequences
You simply go through
You got to understand it
And know it too
In a rhythmical way
As you do what you do
Even in the gutters
This is simply true
As Your words simply dance
For one and all
Who knows what may happen
As you simply rise tall
To do what you do
Up against the wall
Even though you don't
Have very far to fall
So listen an enjoy
As these words come free
From Dr Geebers
A poet who is me
Who don't really care
As long as I have tea
Now that's free love
For everyone to see

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