Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kevin and Trooper

Kevin and Trooper
Oh what can I say
You walk around together
Every single day

Showing people tricks
Which makes them smile
For troopers a dog
And he's worthwhile

Heading the ball
And kicking it too
Playing football
As he kicks it for you

Oh what a couple
A man and dog
Out together
Through rain, hail and fog

Troopers an alsation
And lurch-er mixed
With really big ears
Which are truely fixed

On his master
Where ever he goes
Because he's a trooper
Always on his toes

Making sure
His masters ok
Because he is wicked
At the end of the day

So watch this video
Simply for free
And even you
Will totally agree

This is one man and his dog who will do anything to help others. 
Thank you for helping me.
Nice to know not all homeless people are bad people.
This is a true guy living on the streets of Brighton.

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