Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Creepy Crooks and Cuddly Spooks

Creepy Crooks and Cuddly Spooks,
Where two villains on criminal books.
Taking money and thinking it’s funny,
Oh what a pair of stupid dummies.

Now Creepy Crooks, as stupid as he looks,
Had one arm while the other was a hook.
While Cuddly Spooks had charming looks,
With two left feet and a nose like a rook.

Now these two knew, what they could do,
In life itself as a small crew.
Which made them lazy, as life was easy,
Turning them wild and totally crazy.

Going around, up and down,
Looking to steal in their home town.
As the police knew, about these two,
But could they catch them, well could you.

Watching out, without a doubt,
As they went looking and scouting about.
For what was free or easy you see,
In their world of poverty.

With magic eyes, oh what a surprise,
This was them you must realise.
Finding a bike or was it a trike,
Well something like that is what it looked like.

It had wheels, which they did steal,
Why who knows, what was the deal.
As they took scrap and all that,
Always back to their top flat.

Seeing is believing and doing is achieving,
As they didn’t care about what they where thieving.
It could have been flowers or even a mars,
Or something stupid inside cars.

I know that’s mad, it’s what they had,
Now these two where getting bad.
Until one day, I say, I say,
They messed up, hooray, hooray.

While getting caught, for not a lot,
By the police, oh what a rot.
For stealing gum, now that is dumb,
And the police thought it was fun.

As they did laugh, at what was daft,
By arresting them now in their craft.
Because they saw them break the law,
As their siren went ne naw.

“So its time, for us to shine,
And punish you for this crime”.
Said the police, the slippery geese,
To these two without release.

By taking them in, oh what a sin,
To show them something that’ll wipe their grin.
Well that is life, in sacrifice,
If you do wrong then you’re not nice.

And that was the end of stealing for them,
As they didn’t want to be caught again.
So please take heed, to this we plead,
If you steal you won’t succeed.

As life is tough now sure enough,
And this is definitely no real bluff.
So please say no, now as you grow,
Or you will see where you can go.

And that’s to prison, so will you listen,
Or it’ll be time that you’ll be missing.
Oh yes by far, behind the bars,
All locked up for hours and hours.

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