Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Feel the rhythm

Feel the rhythm
Feel the roll
Understand the madness
Taking control
In a way
No one can bowl
This is life
No easy stroll
Going here
Going there
Feeling the magic
In a way
Oh yes I swear
With the Devil
That no one can bare
Showing emotions
With an inner smile
That tells no lies
Which is worth while
To carry on
Without style
On the road
Mile by mile
Trying to conquer
Through hard times
In a way
Without crimes
Through crazy words
And crazy rhymes
As the sun shines
Until the day
You meet your maker
Or even quickly
The undertaker
Which is life
One bone breaker
Come on then
You shelf stacker
Then all of a sudden
Opportunity awaits
Bringing you
Real open gates
Showing you life
With higher rates
And high class women
And high class mates
Where everything
Shines so bright
And every night
No matter what
Its all right
This is life
When you see the light

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