Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Jesus Christ oh flipping mighty

Jesus Christ oh flipping mighty
 Put his hand up my mothers nighty
Then he put it in and wiggled it about
Then all of a sudden there was a shout
Awe naw what you do to me
Stop it stop it its not free
Awe naw thats not right
You can't show me the bloody light
Even though you hit the spot
Oh Jesus please flipping stop
With a quivering explosion which was good
Of pure excitement and now shes nude
Bending over touching her toes
Taking it as juices flows
In and out in a rythmical way
Oh flipping hell Jesus what can I say
Oh oh oh what you doing to me
I'm cumming I'm cumming oh Jesus you see
I believe you I believe you and everything you say
Oh please keep on going to the end of the day
With the gushing of semen flowing so fine
Oh Jesus Christ has blown her mind
With absolute pleasure, evil and sin
So flipping hell Jesus you bloody well win
For your Jesus Christ who we pray to each night
And you gave me a good time and I seen the light
As you banged me none stop and I love you
So please come back and I'll give you a blow

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