Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Support Dr Geebers By buying his books or watching his homeless awearness videos on youtube.

If you think Dr Geebers is worth supporting and has a great talent through writing, creating loose pebble sculptures and creating puzzles then why not support him. Through buying one of his many books or following him through youtube as he explains his journey of walking the coast of the UK on a homeless awearness tour. What came up against with councils and people alike. What churches did to him in front of school children and what councils did to his equipment even though he was in the papers for being on a homeless awearness mission and was homeless himself. No much wonder young people who become homeless or in a vunerable situation become involved with gangs and rebel against society as a whole. I have already started talking about my journey and many poems was written on this journey also.

This is the first video of many and I am completely shocked how homeless people are treated by councils and the general members of the public. This is not right and many changes will have to be done in the future to help vunerable people in the UK let alone the world.
There maybe lots of hostels but where is the housing and jobs. Being somebody is better than being nobody.
Not many homeless people get a chance to go down the route I went down.
(1) Because it was very phyisical
(2) You need a licence to create art and earn a few pennies of it. So if you do then you are breaking the law. Well technically not because it is a civil matter between you and the council and not a criminal one.
(3) You need somewhere to stay while your creating your art. Me I was sleeping in a sleeping bag for most of the journey and only had a few tents people helped me out with. But in England you are not aloud to be seen camping on a beach. This is illegal and you can be physically moved on by a court of law.
(4) Health and safety comes into my journey because if I go over 3ft high then i am breaking health and safety. This I did on many occasions only because I wanted publisicty for attempting my journey.
(5) I even stated that after the Sidmouth Herald newspaper told lies about me. They said I was walking the coast of the UK when I said I thought I had the energy to walk the coast of the UK. So after they said this I said I would to get a book written about my journey with the proceeds of such book to go to help homeless charities here in UK and help 3rd world countries too. Yet only two small homeless charities came to me and asked if I needed any help. To me this was disgracefull. They should of been the first people to want to help even though other homeless people had showen them newspaper articals about me.
No much wonder our homeless people are angry because no one really wants to help them and now addiction for them is the only way out. Rehab or death.

All videos will be linked through this blog Dr Geebers The Pebbleman about my coastal walk.
Can one man through youtube make a difference. If you are or have been homeless in the UK or around the world then have your say.
Should coucils be doing more to combat homelessness?
Should councils be making cutbacks in the charity sections?
Should people have to become an addict before they are taking seriously?

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